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Personal Trainer

I, Sosimo Vera, am about to change your story, one page at a time. Oregon raised since 1997, and now I get the blessing of raising my family of 6, in this locality I call home. I have been in fitness for 3 years with full intentions on becoming more knowledgeable with different fitness levels. I am known as someone who advocates for a healthy lifestyle and is a lifelong fitness enthusiast. I want to teach you how to fuel your body to increase strength, endurance, flexibility, energy and build muscle in order to help you achieve the best results and feel your best with a combination of exercise and healthy nutrition. I am ready to start this chapter with you. Let this be the chapter where your story takes a plot twist and others can’t stop asking you about it.

Give me two months. 90 days. 3-5 times a week & consistency. You won’t regret it.


Personal Trainer

I have been raised in the area for most of my life and continue to reside in this small town of
Hermiston that I call home. My fitness journey began in 2016 when I found my love and passion for weight training. Having struggled with keeping a consistent gym routine up until that point, I know the challenges that many people face when first starting their journey into fitness. I wanted to change that experience for as many people as I could, which is why I decided to get my certification in personal training in August 2018. I believe fitness can fit into anyone’s life and I want to help you find what you are passionate about and help you achieve what you are
capable of and so much more! I will develop a personalized program for you based on your own goals and needs and together we will form life changing habits that you will be able to carry on for years to come!


Group Personal Training


Group Personal Training