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$40-60 / session
  • Meet one-on-one with a personal trainer
  • 30 minute half session $40
  • 60 minute full session $60

Program Design

Custom to fit your needs
$125 / month
  • Meet one-on-one with personal trainer for initial assessment to go over goals and fitness needs
  • Customized one month workout plan
  • One-on-one meeting with personal trainer to run through your customized workout plan


$80 / session
  • Two clients training together with one personal trainer
  • 60 minute full session

Sign up at front desk. Must be a HAC member.

Meet the trainers!


Personal Trainer

Oregon raised since 1997, and now I get the blessing of raising my family of 6, in this locality I call home. I have been in fitness for 3 years with full intentions on becoming more knowledgeable with different fitness levels. I am known as someone who advocates for a healthy lifestyle and is a lifelong fitness enthusiast. I want to teach you how to fuel your body to increase strength, endurance, flexibility, energy and build muscle in order to help you achieve the best results and feel your best with a combination of exercise and healthy nutrition. I am ready to start this chapter with you. Let this be the chapter where your story takes a plot twist and others can't stop asking you about it. Give me two months. 90 days. 3-5 times a week & consistency. You won't regret it.


Personal Trainer

I’m from small town on the west side of Washington where I grew up playing and coaching a variety of sports such as baseball, football, and wrestling. I have always been interested in kinesiology and have a passion for working out and this is what brought me to EWU where I played baseball and graduated with a bachelors in exercise science and a minor in coaching. While in college I had the opportunity to intern for a year where I gained experience in the strength and conditioning program, from working with top of the line athletes to being an in-home personal trainer. I've learned through the years that choosing to be better each day can lead to a habit and a habit can become a permanent phenomenon in your life to better your wellbeing each day. No matter if you are an athlete striving to improve your game, or just want to be in better shape, we can all make simple choices throughout our day to day lives to become better today than we were yesterday. I’m excited to share my experiences and give back to my new home and new community through the HAC!